Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Q4 Goal Setting

Oppppps....it happened again. This poor blog is looking more and more neglected everyday! Thank goodness for Katy and the FAL or I wouldn't post at all.

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged my finishes for the third quarter yet and the linky has long closed. Unfortunately I only managed two finishes from my Q3 list but was planning to write a blog post last Monday - this has become a bit of a tradition for me, writing the post on the last day of the linky party and getting it in just under the wire......lesson leant.

Last Monday Marged, my youngest, was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia. Luckily it was decided pretty quickly that it wasn't pneumonia but a 'wheeze' (I suspect that the Bronchiolitis Marged had at four months has left her with Asthma but I understand that the medical profession are very weary of diagnosing this before a child reaches seven years old). She responded very quickly to the medication she was given but I still ended up spending the night on a pull out parent camp bed (oh soooo comfortable at eight months) instead of writing up my Q3 finishes!

Last Monday was also my first day of maternity leave so I do hope that I will have a little more time to blog before this baby arrives and still plan to share these finishes with you in the next few weeks.


I've been a good girl and not started anything new during the last quarter which means this list is going to look a little familiar.

1. Millie's Quilt.

I've made some serious progress on this one and finished adding some hand quilting last night. I just need to choose a binding now and of course sew it on.

2. Liberty Pouch.

Those screwdrivers are still rolling around in a drawer with my bras.

3. Secret Quilt.

I haven't touched this one since my last blog post - it's still a pile of blocks waiting to be pressed.

4. Kaffe Snowball.

I loaded this one onto the frame over a month ago but haven't touched it since, really hope to get it quilted before the baby arrives.

5. Anwen's Quilt, Side 1.

As soon as snowball comes off the frame I'm loading this one.

6. Summer Solstice.

Realistically, this one will roll-over to next year, but I might as well add it to the list!

7. Oakshott Runner.

Really want to start on this one but want to clear the quilts above first.

8. Plus Quilt.

I can dream can't I?

So, were down to eight. I'm not going to hold my breath - I've signed up for the IGminiswap and joined the Siblings Together Bee 2. These have to take priority and I haven't even pulled my fabrics yet! Oh yes, and there's the small matter of the new addition - three weeks (I hope) to go!

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