Monday, 14 April 2014

A hopeful Q2?

mmmmmm.....left it to the last minute again! Luckily(?) all but one are rollovers from last quarter so there's a little cutting and pasting been going on here!

1. Hooey pouch.

Anwen has fallen for Aneela Hooey fabrics almost as hard as I have. Whilst making a pillow for her friend's birthday I sewed up these panels for a small pouch for Anwen but didn't get as far as putting it all together - hopefully this will be my first (and not last) finish of quarter 2!

2. House quilt. 

I have a feeling that this will look very different by the end of this quarter :0)
The baby who's supposed to be receiving this quilt will be one on the twentieth - My husband has promised me a sewing day over the long weekend - a birthday pressie maybe?

3. Liberty Pouch 

I will kick myself if I don't get this done by the end of the quarter!
4. Caravan curtain bag. I may not be feeling the love for the Liberty bag any more but I really feel the need to make a new bag. Ceri was having a clear out the other day and found a pair of vintage curtains and offered one of them up for free on instagram. When it arrived I fell hard for the print and colours. A bag would be a good way of having this in my life everyday, I've paired it with some yarn dyed Essex in Denim and found the perfect zip in my stash.

Have I mentioned that I love Vintage fabrics?
Not touched it!

5. A quilt for Mexico. Alison put the call out for quilts for street children in Mexico. These charms have been languishing in my stash for far too long so I'm just going to sew them together and quilt. 

Cut and ready to go!
I've managed to sew all the charms into a quilt top but it's come up a little small. I need to find something to add as a border and then I hope to quilt it and then send it off. I understand that there are still small shipments at regular intervals - even so, this one will be the first one to see the frame when I eventually set it up.

Awful, Awful picture

6. Kaffe Snowball. I rolled this one up and put it in a bag at the end of the workshop and haven't touched it since - first job - Press all those squares!

I have made some progress on this quilt during the last three months! I've pressed all the squares and I've got them hanging on a temporary design wall of sorts behind the TV in the living room. I 'snowballed' the top row using 2.5" squares as instructed in the workshop but it looks very wrong to me so I'm going to try with 2" squares and cross my fingers!

Another awful picture

7. Anwen's quilt side 1. I got some extra butterfly print from a discount LQS so I just need to add some extra wide borders, quilt and bind!

My frame is set up in the attic and it has really been too cold to spend anything more than five minutes up there. Now that the weather's taken a turn for the better I'm hoping that I'll manage to get some quilting done this quarter.

8. Summer Solstice. When Marelize put out a call for pattern testers it didn't take me long to put my hand up. I've trawled through my scraps and made my initial selection, I just need to wait for payday now so that I can order the white solid for the background.  I've finished all my cutting and this is ready to go. I'm really disgusted with myself that I committed to testing this pattern and didn't manage to stitch a single stitch before the pattern was released - I'm so sorry Marelize, all I can do is offer the excuse that I fell ill nearly as soon as I finished cutting and I have hardly sewn anything since then :0(

9.Oakshott quilt. 

It's been three SIX months and they look no different to this!

10. Plus Quilt. My Dad's still waiting for his Christmas present :-0 I've decided on a giant plus. The fabric's all been delivered. Need to get going.

His birthday's in July?

I'm really hoping that quarter two is going to be a little bit more productive than quarter one but I'm still not feeling much better so I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

Linking up as ever to the wonderful Katy, the hostess with the mostess. If you haven't written your list yet you really should - by my clock you have a whole 22 minutes to do so ;0)

Finish Along 2014

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Finish(?) along result

Mmmmmmm. So my sewing seems to have gone in the same direction as my blogging, verging on the non-existing. I've not been feeling very well recently, only just managing to get dinner on the table between work and bedtime so my sewing's really been suffering.

What has this meant for my FAL list I hear you ask? 1/10 finishes. Yes a measly single finish. Oh well, I might as well show you and hope that I do a little better next month.

Ella's quilt was number five on my goal setting list three long months ago.

I decided on straight line quilting and marked a few lines with a Frixion pen, after around five lines I decided that I didn't really need the markings and continued to quit around 1/4" either side of every seam. I managed to do this in a weekend which isn't bad considering that I had to clear the table for every. single. meal. I mean, do we really have to feed the kids?

I took some photos before the wash so please excuse the pen lines still showing 
(I have no idea why I didn't iron them out before taking the pictures)

And the back.

And some pictures after the wash (gotta love the crinkle!)

A close up of the embroidery on the back. This was my first time adding a name in this way. I used a simple stem stitch in a variegated perle no 8. My husband joked that this took me more actual stitching time than the rest on the quilt!

In no time it was ready to gift....

And gifted it was! I'm going to try and get a 'baby toe shot' for all my baby quilts from now on :-)

Now that was short and (hopefully) sweet. Hopefully I'll be feeling a little better next quarter and will get a few more WIPs off the list.

Linking up with Katy, the best host EVER, for the FAL finishes party x