Sunday, 6 April 2014

Finish(?) along result

Mmmmmmm. So my sewing seems to have gone in the same direction as my blogging, verging on the non-existing. I've not been feeling very well recently, only just managing to get dinner on the table between work and bedtime so my sewing's really been suffering.

What has this meant for my FAL list I hear you ask? 1/10 finishes. Yes a measly single finish. Oh well, I might as well show you and hope that I do a little better next month.

Ella's quilt was number five on my goal setting list three long months ago.

I decided on straight line quilting and marked a few lines with a Frixion pen, after around five lines I decided that I didn't really need the markings and continued to quit around 1/4" either side of every seam. I managed to do this in a weekend which isn't bad considering that I had to clear the table for every. single. meal. I mean, do we really have to feed the kids?

I took some photos before the wash so please excuse the pen lines still showing 
(I have no idea why I didn't iron them out before taking the pictures)

And the back.

And some pictures after the wash (gotta love the crinkle!)

A close up of the embroidery on the back. This was my first time adding a name in this way. I used a simple stem stitch in a variegated perle no 8. My husband joked that this took me more actual stitching time than the rest on the quilt!

In no time it was ready to gift....

And gifted it was! I'm going to try and get a 'baby toe shot' for all my baby quilts from now on :-)

Now that was short and (hopefully) sweet. Hopefully I'll be feeling a little better next quarter and will get a few more WIPs off the list.

Linking up with Katy, the best host EVER, for the FAL finishes party x


  1. Yay for a finish! Sorry you've been feeling rough though, hope it passes (((((HUGS)))))

  2. It might only be one finish but it is a lovely finish Catrin! Hope you are back on top form soon.

  3. It's a lovely quilt, Catrin, and you have finished more than I have ;-) Hope you feel better soon!

  4. It's a beautiful quilt, well done for getting it finished! I love the variegated effect, and your stem stitch is far neater than mine! :-)


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