Monday, 19 May 2014

....and we have a winner(s)

Sorry, I'm a little late but life (and a quilt show) got in the way and now's my first chance to get to the laptop!

Before I announce the winners I'd like to say WOW! 283 comments! Who'd have thought that a little vintage fabric would be so popular. I'm sorry that I haven't replied to all your comments but there's only so much you can say to Vintage! or New! There were also a few too many that I couldn't reply to as they are 'No Reply Bloggers' and they didn't leave an email address in their comment. Not sure what a 'No Reply Blogger' is? Do you often leave comments on blog posts but never get a reply? Chances are that you are one. Adrianne has a really good tutorial HERE on how to stop being a NRB.

Right, on to business. Due to the number of comments I decided to pull out good old Mr Random Number Generator and.......

The first number generated was for a NRB! I haven't got the time to run around the interwebs trying to find someone's email address so I asked Mr RNG to go again and ......

Which is.....

and then again for the second winner.....

Which is.....

So it looks like the new fabric is on it's way to Penny and the vintage is on it's way to Jess. I've sent you both emails, I'll get these in the post as soon as I have your addresses.

Oh, and thank you all for your sweet comments about the new addition to our family. We're very excited although I must admit to also being a little scared!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Celebration Giveaway!

So, when you have something to celebrate, what else can you do but have a little giveaway!

(if you're wondering what we're celebrating check out my last blog post)

But why have one giveaway when you can have two?

First up we have a little bundle that I magicked up from my stash.

The bottom two are FQs and the other four are just under at 20" x 16" each.

Next, what would a giveaway from me be without some vintage goodness?

A charm pack made up of 42 charms in 21 different prints cut from my growing vintage sheet stash.

So what do you have to do to win one of these little piles of goodies?

Simples, just leave a blog post saying what you'd prefer to win, NEW or VINTAGE?

Would you like a second chance at winning? If you follow me (either here or on Instagram) just let me know in a separate comment. That's it!

As I'm linking up with the SewMamaSew giveaway all the usual rules apply (checkout the giveaway day post if you really need to know and check out all the other giveaways whilst your there too :0)

Two prizes, two winners!

Of course I'm happy to post internationally.

A small finish (or two) and some news!

I said that I was hopeful for a more successful Q2 than Q1 in the FAL and since I'm posting about my first finish less (only just) than a month after my goal setting post I'd say that we're going in the right direction ;0)

Of course my first finish is the one which had the least amount of work required to compete it...

I already had two QAYG panels ready to go...
or were they?

You know how I love to add names to things? I had some time to waste during a recent hospital appointment so added a little stitchery and when I got home it took next to no time to turn it into this....

A wide open pouch!

I followed Noodlehead's great tutorial and it couldn't have been easier. I actually found it easier than a normal zippy pouch and the fact that it opens wide makes it so much more useful.

A backside view 
I used Annela Hoey fabrics throughout (well, apart from the lining which is an unnamed solid I found in my stash) and love the finished article, and more importantly, Anwen does too!

Look! It really does open wide and is a great place to store those Rainbow Loom bands!
Since I was on a roll and had the zipper foot out I thought that I'd try another new to me pattern

a PinkxStitches Boxy Pouch
Again, this one was made with QAYG panels of Aneela Hoey fabrics and the embroidery was stitched during the same hospital appointment.

This one was a little trickier to sew up than the open wide pouch but gives you a very useful little (or actually not so little) pouch. There are two size options given in the tutorial and I followed the measurements for the smallest and was quite surprised by how large it ended up being - there's room in there for one or two pencils ;0)

One more picture

Another backside view
Nearly forgot to add that both these pouches were sewed up using Aurifil in a beautiful baby pink colour. I really love Aurifil - I was sewing through quite few layers in a few places and didn't have a single thread break on me!

So lets hope that this isn't my last finish of the quarter, linking up (eventually) to Katy and the rest on the finishers!

Finish Along 2014
Oh wait! I promised you some news didn't I?
You know that hospital appointment I did all that sewing during? Well, who'd have thought it but apparently 24 hour nausea and utter exhaustion are common side effects from incubating one of these!
Baby Lewis number 3 due November 3rd 2014!!!!!!!!!!!