Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Finish-A-Long Q3 Goal Setting

I was a little late joining this here thing called blogland so missed out on the chance of joining Q2 of the Finish Along over with Leanne at she can quilt. I've also been so busy this past week that I missed the July linky for ALYoF. Knowing that I need deadlines to get things done I think it best that make a list here of all my UFOs that I hope to get finished in the next few months. I also have a few new projects that I would like to start and finish during this time. I know that they won't qualify for the FAL as they aren't UFOs but I'd like to keep all my goals in one place!

she can quilt

So here goes- (I've highlighted my FAL goals in Red)

1. Anwen's quilt. After I finished Marged's quilt Anwen said that she wanted her own quilt and here it is. It's been basted for around two months and Anwen keeps on asking when her blanket's going to be finished. I think that the main reason that it's stayed in this sorry state for so long is because I'm scared of starting fmqing it and don't know what design to use!

2. Get Shirty. Quilt top and back are ready. I even bought the batting ready but I cut into it for this project. Need to get this done asap. The plan is to practice my fmq before tackling Anwen's quilt.

3. House quilt. Haven't touched this in ages. No reason why not just need to get my bum in gear.

4. Nephew's quilt. This baby is due at the end of the month and I still haven't started. I bought the fabric ages ago and need to start cutting as I know I haven't got enough and need to work out how much more to get.

5. A quilt for another baby due at the end of July. Nobody knows what colour (pink or blue) this baby's going to be so I haven't even bought the fabric yet.

6, 7, 8 & 9 Osian's, Elisa's, Rhys' and Megan's quilts. I think getting even one of these done during Q3 is a long shot but who knows?

10. Mum's quilt. Before the end of the year? Although her birthday is in October.

11, 12 & 13 Zig Zag quilt, impromptu along and distribution. These have all moved way down the list. Main reason for this is that they don't have recipients, they're just designs that I'd like to try.

1. Charms cut for Zig Zag quilt        2. Fabric for impromptu           3. Inspiration for distribution
Oh, so only 13 quilts on the list. Completely manageable!

On top of this there are a few other projects I'd like to get under my belt.

1. A few zipper pouches. Anwen really liked the way I'd appliqu├ęd the butterflies onto Cadi's Quilt and as her birthday is coming up and I have some of the Cocoon fabric leftover I thought I'd make her a zipper pouch. Her friend had her birthday a few weeks back and is still waiting for a pressie and another friend has her birthday two weeks after Anwen. I thought that it would also be nice for Cadi's two sisters to have something to match their sister's quilt. So that's five pouches in total!

2. A new bag for me. For Christmas 2011 Endaf got me a new handbag. To say the truth I wasn't fussed, I think that the colour of the leatherette put me off, but after a few uses I was sold. It was the perfect sized bag! Roll on eighteen months and the bag is finished, kaput, really seen better days. I miss it so much so I'm going to try and make myself a new one using the old bag as a template (with a few tweaks). I have the fabric ready so just need to get in gear.

Fabric choice - a little bit of Bella and a heavier weight solid from Ikea
3. After moving things around a little at home the little table that used to hold our printer is now next to my corner on the sofa. It was a thrifty find when we first moved in together and the top has seen better days so I thought a little something quilty might do the trick for tarting it up. I might even drag something out of my ancient UFO pile for this one. It will also give me a good opportunity to practice making bias binding and sewing it onto a circular mini quilt.

4. Shorts for Anwen. I now have the pattern and the fabric. This is one make I hope to get finished before the end of the week.

Hoping to turn a thrifty old skirt into a pair of shorts with the aid of a free (to me) pattern 
5. Shorts for Marged. I seem to have been neglecting Marged recently so depending on how Anwen's shorts go I might try making a pair for Marged out of some fabric from my stash.

Right that's it. I think that eighteen projects (but only four qualify for the FAL) is more than enough for three months! I'll be impressed if I even get three ticked off. I can but try.

Linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced as it's Wednesday and I have more than one Work in Progress!

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  1. Love your Get Shirty quilt! And the fabric for your nephew's quilt is too cute, can't wait to see what comes of it!

  2. Whoa....that's a meaty list. One project at a time should see a few finishes at least!

  3. Crikey Catrin! That is a list and a half :) Good luck with them all.

  4. Oh My WOW! That's a lot of sewing going on, sounds fun, good luck.


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