Monday, 1 July 2013

Dawn chorus

So it's light outside and I can hear bird song yet I haven't been to bed.

That can only mean one thing - I've been up all night finishing my goal for June ALYoF. Madness I know and officially it's July here in the UK but the linky's still open (I hope) so I'm linking up.

So about five minutes ago I finished hand sewing the binding onto Cadi's quilt and it's finished!

I ran outside and took a super quick picture with my mobile (sorry). If I get up before Anwen comes home from school I'll try to write a proper post tomorrow (today) till then

z z Z z Z Z 


  1. Well done, Catrin! You deserve a rest now ;-)

  2. Now that is dedication! Your quilt looks great.

  3. All that for a link up - the things we do! Great quilt btw!

  4. so Pretty! Great finish!

  5. Mae'n hyfryd Catrin


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