Friday, 17 January 2014

The Queen of last minute!

I've left it to the last minute again. I only have an hour and a half left before the linky closes!

So without further ado.......last years rollovers....

1.Oakshott quilt. 

It's been three months and they look no different to this!

2. House quilt. 

I have a feeling that this will look very different by the end of this quarter :0)

3. Liberty Bag. 

I think that a pouch is more likely than a bag.

4. Kaffe Snowball. I rolled this one up and put it in a bag at the end of the workshop and haven't touched it since - first job - Press all those squares!

And this year's additions....

5. Ella's quilt. My ALYoF goal for January is to piece the back for this one. My goal for February will be to finish it!

Back ready to be sewn up

6. Plus Quilt. My Dad's still waiting for his Christmas present :-0 I've decided on a giant plus. The fabric's all been delivered. Need to get going.

7. Summer Solstice. When Marelize put out a call for pattern testers it didn't take me long to put my hand up. I've trawled through my scraps and made my initial selection, I just need to wait for payday now so that I can order the white solid for the background.

8. Anwen's quilt side 1. I got some extra butterfly print from a discount LQS so I just need to add some extra wide borders, quilt and bind!

9. A quilt for Mexico. Alison put the call out for quilts for street children in Mexico. These charms have been languishing in my stash for far too long so I'm just going to sew them together and quilt. 

Cut and ready to go!

10. Caravan curtain bag. I may not be feeling the love for the Liberty bag any more but I really feel the need to make a new bag. Ceri was having a clear out the other day and found a pair of vintage curtains and offered one of them up for free on instagram. When it arrived I fell hard for the print and colours. A bag would be a good way of having this in my life everyday, I've paired it with some yarn dyed Essex in Denim and found the perfect zip in my stash.

Have I mentioned that I love Vintage fabrics?

Linking up with Katy hoping that she doesn't get too cross that I've linked before I finished adding pictures and the button - there may be some editing going on here!

Finish Along 2014
**Editted to add**
1.Katy is the best host ever
2. Blogger won't let me upload the pictures that I took tonight so I'm going to let you use your imagination whilst I go to bed :-) All done!


  1. Hmm, I think you'd better get to #6 first, or it'll be your dad that's really cross ;o)

  2. Great variety of project Catrin, I am sure you will be ticking off lots of finishes by the end of the Quarter.

  3. Good luck with some finishes. You've got a lovely variety of projects in progress :)

  4. Nice list! Best wishes for your finishes.

  5. Nice list! Best wishes for your finishes.


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