Thursday, 2 May 2013

Starting a blog

So after weeks of reading other peoples blogs (mainly about quilting!) I decided to start my own blog. I thought if no one reads it at least I'll have a personal reminder of my journey with quilting!

I thought that I'd start with when I first started playing with patchwork. I was in primary school (I'm guessing around eight) and I found one of my mum's works in progress and ruined it! My mum went on to show me to English paper piece using simple squares and I'm sure I played some more but don't really remember anything until I should have been revising for my GSCEs at 16. My mum would come home from work whilst I was on study leave and find patchwork squares hidden under my bed - I obviously wasn't getting much revising done! In the end my mum decided that I couldn't be trusted to revise at home alone so I was sent to my aunt's house for the remainder of my study leave as she worked from home and could keep an eye on me!

I was looking through a box that I knew had some of my old patchwork projects in it last week and actually found my "GCSE patchwork". 

All cushion sized and there's four of them! I might actually turn these into cushion covers one day!

If you look at the back you can see that this isn't your usual English paper piecing. I actually used cereal boxes and used Sellotape to secure the fabric to the cardboard - look at those seam allowances - the waste of fabric!

I think that I'll stick to one project per post for now - I'm not the fastest quilter out there (especially since I spend so much time reading other peoples blogs!) and this will give me a chance to catch up with myself if you know what I mean....

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