Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The weekend that doesn't end!

Well we've had a very busy weekend! It started on Saturday morning when my mum phoned and asked if I fancied a spin to a car boot sale held around 30 minutes from our house. We'd already arranged to go to a big car boot sale on Sunday morning but I knew that my husband wouldn't be home all day so I thought getting out of the house would be nice.

We had a lovely time and I got a few bargains. I got a few items of clothing in pretty prints that I'll most probably up-cycle into clothing for the girls I haven't got any pics of them yet (they're at the bottom of the laundry basket!) but if they do turn into clothing I promise there will be before and after pics!

I also got a bedding set for my daughter:

My husband 'had' to wear a monkey costume on his stag do. Anwen has seen some (carefully selected) photos. Add this to the fact that Dadi takes a banana to work with him every day and that he made monkey noises whilst fixing the shed roof:

Another awful picture but I didn't have
any shoes on so had to take the
photo from the back door
and you have a four year old that calls her dad a monkey and is obsessed by all things monkey! So far she's bought him a pair of monkey print boxers for his birthday and a pair of banana print boxers just because (Hubbie and I shared a quiet chuckle as they also had 'peel me' written all over them - highly inappropriate as a gift from a daughter to her father but you try explaining that to a four year old!(I didn't even try - just handed the money over))

So this bedding set doesn't go with anything in her room, she already has two spares so really doesn't need a new one but at £4.00 I couldn't resist it!

I also bought some bedding that will be going into my fabric stash but I haven't taken any pictures yet so you'll have to wait until my next Sunday Stash post!

We were home in time for lunch as I'd suddenly remembered that Anwen had a swimming lesson at 12.30. Only problem is when we got to the pool and Anwen had changed into her swimming gear her teacher said that her lesson was actually at 12.00 and that she was now on lifeguard duty so no lesson for Annie. She was very disappointed but I didn't have my swim suit with me (and wouldn't have taken Marged in so soon after her bug) so she had to change back without even getting wet :-(
(This is nothing new - I once turned up to a birthday party 24hrs late! I really to pity my husband and daughters)

To try and make up for this I asked her friend over to play. It was quite a nice day so they wanted to go to the park.

Only pictures I had without someone else's kids in it
As this was just about the first sunny non-school day this year there were quite a few of their school friends there as well - they really enjoyed themselves. It was also Marged's first time on the swings. Needless to say she loved it.

Sorry for re-using a picture but again only had
one without someone else's kids in it!

To crown the day hubbie phoned - he was in the village and did Anwen want a spin on the bus? I explained that we had her friend with us as well so he just took them around the block.

It's always fun to do something different!

I tried sewing the binding onto Cara's Quilt
but the road was too bumpy!

So on Sunday we went to another car boot as planned. This is always quite a good sale but on a Bank Holiday with good weather? It was heaving. The only picture I got was this one.

I'd left Marged at home with Dadi so it was just me, Anwen, my mum and my step-dad (I hate calling him that - he's not my dad. He's the man that moved in with my mum when I was 19. I have a dad. Don't get me wrong - we get on really well and he's definitely my daughters' granddad but just not my dad, we're more like friends?) Oh and the dogs!

Not the complete set - it's late and I couldn't
be bothered to unwrap all of the set
Anwen and Datcu* spent most of the time playing with the dogs in-between going back and forth to the van for some shelter from the sweltering sun whilst Mamgu and I did some bargain hunting! Again most of my haul was fabric related and I don't have any pics yet but I did get a lovely coffee/tea set for a £1. Now I love to haggle at a car boot sale but when the elderly seller said £1 I felt slightly guilty about taking it! It is missing a few saucers and side plates but for £1 I'm not complaining! I don't think hubbie's feeling the love but I'll work on him.

I also found another little monkey!

He could do with a really good clean - look at those hands!
You just wind him up and he moves using his arms. Neeless to say Anwen loves him!
Not bad for 20p

I can't believe how long this post is already and I'm not even half way through the weekend yet! Considering this is supposed to be a blog about quilting I'd be really surprised if anyone's reached this far but if you have and want to hear more I'm afraid you'll have to wait as I'm off to bed, It's day four of our weekend tomorrow (or day two of half term?) and I need my sleep. x


  1. Looks like you had some lovely bargain hunting days, and the weather was with you, too! I'm quite jealous, I love a good boot fair!!

  2. Oh I love a boot sale but don't go very often as we have chapel/Sunday school on Sunday mornings. As there's no Sunday school on school holidays we tend not to go to chapel and do some of the things that usually clash.


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