Thursday, 20 June 2013

Loving vintage.

Between the vintage bus

DPB as DH likes to call her

the vintage car

Darling Morris

the vintage crockery

A car boot find

and the vintage fabric

Just the pillowcases from my stash
I think it's pretty safe to say that were a family of vintage lovers!

A couple of weeks ago we went to The Barry Festival of Transport (Honestly, only click if you have a thing for old buses, although there is a nice view of Barry Island). To tell the truth I'm not really that fussed on walking around looking at old buses but I go because my husband drags me along I'm a wonderful, supporting wife. What I do enjoy is that we get to spend time together as a family without trying to sort the laundry etc. at the same time. As a bonus, the time spent on the bus going from A to B and sheltering from the crappy beautiful Welsh weather gives me the perfect opportunity to hand sew bindings onto quilts!

Anyway, during the rally we were given the opportunity to have a ride in some of the other vintage buses. We went in a bus first put on the road in 1979 and WOW they put some effort into the interiors back then! (Please excuse the photos - I only had my mobile on me and was trying to get my four year old off the bus at the same time!)

Beautiful 'Sunny' flower
This beautiful flower motif was repeated all the way down the ceiling (if that's what you call it in a bus) of the bus.

Close up of the background
 Don't you think the background would make the most adorable 'low volume' print?

Why, oh why don't they make things like this any more?

(and yes I did get some very funny looks when I was taking these pictures lol!)

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  1. You know I am not really into buses either! BUT the web site you mentioned was pretty interesting! Love the bus with the HUGE window in front and then the one that looked pretty high class called the Bedford SB Duple.

    The interior shots are great! How crazy to think how much they really took "pride" in the inside of those buses back then!

  2. Those interior shots certainly put the bland interiors of today in the shade!

  3. I think seeing that interior was probaly worth the whole trip. So cool. I love vintage - I am almost vintage myself! :)

  4. Ha! I'm always getting dragged around car shows... There's not so much to photograph at them. :-)

  5. Green with envy - I have always wanted a Morris! I can see why you liked the ceiling!

  6. You could design a whole range of fabric based on this - called 'On the buses'???


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