Monday, 10 June 2013

Sunday Stash - an on the road edition

So after my first five days back in work you'd think that I'd be glad to have some time at home. No such luck! I spent the day yesterday helping my brother with the shearing for the first time. It was wonderful. You might hear more about it in a future post but needless to say I'm very stiff today! So maybe travelling on a vintage bus with two small children for two and a half hours (one way) isn't the best way to relax my muscles but here I am a glutton for punishment.

Knowing that I have an ant infestation to deal with when I get home I don't think I'll get the chance to get to my laptop before I collapse on my bed tonight so I'm going to try and write my Sunday Stash post on my phone! (I did write quite a bit on my phone but I managed to get to my laptop in the end so I've added some more photos before clicking publish!) How I'm going to manage it considering my pics are on the laptop I don't know but I'll give it a shot!

So last week I said that I would show my car boot bargains in more detail.

This week I'm going to concentrate on the vintage sheets and duvet covers.

I regret buying the  green duvet cover on the top a little. I love the colour and the feel of the fabric but I can't say that I'm head over heels with the pattern. At £4.50 it was a bit steep for something that I might end up not using but it might be handy to back a quilt that I feel a bit 'whatever' about.

Really bad photo. Unfortunately the sun had gone down by the time I got around to snapping this one,
The spotty fabric under the green one is a single duvet cover that came complete with with a stripy fitted sheet. OK, so they're not vintage, more like hardly used, nearly new. It's from Ikea and 100% cotton. The colours are really vibrant and haven't faded at all. Ideal for  backing a kid's quilt. Not bad for a pound!

So Bright!
Under the stripy sheet there's a blue flannel cot sheet that I really do regret buying. It was in a plastic wrapping and when I got it home I realised that it was very worn and bobbly. The only use that I can think for it is as a thin batting for a lightweight blanket style quilt.  Totally not worth the £1.20 I paid for it! (am I starting to sound like a tightwad? ) Oh well, live and learn!

What a waste :-(
And I've saved the best for last!!!! Both are blue and white and I can't decide on my favourite.

A penny to scale
Good old mum (oh god if she saw that - not so old mum!) found this one for me and I LOVE it! It's a handmade duvet cover, around 50" x 75" so I'd say double size? It has the beautiful print on one side and the print below on the other. I'm not so fussed on this side and it seems to be a lot more worn that the side with the larger print so I'll most probably just use it to practice my fmq on. Still not bad for 50p (which I may have to give my mum for it one day!)

So that just leaves one! I found this the day after my mum's find above but this time it's a white flower on a blue background.
I really should have ironed these before taking the pics but I was running out of daylight.
A little more subtle than the last but still very pretty. At 90" x 100" it's a very generous flat sheet that I should be able to use to back two baby quilts and at 50p I challenge you to find a cheaper quilt back!

So that's my first detailed instalment of my up cycled stash and it's already given me a problem I'd like your help with. (apologies if your one of the eight people that actually read my last post but I only got one comment so I'm asking again!)

I don't know which one to use to back this little baby quilt that I've got in progress.

Cadi's quilt WIP
I'm going to appliqué on some little pink and purple butterflies and quilt using a combination of yellow, blue and pink thread. Which backing do you think I should go for?

A close up to show the colours a little better.
Your opinions would be greatly appreciated although I have no idea when I'll have the top ready and therefore be ready for the back!

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  1. They are both nice, for a baby quilt though the top one is more fun!

  2. Great finds :-) I would go for the top one too.

  3. Yes my vote goes for the top one. I have done the same thing with vintage sheets and bought some I never used but they did come in handy for a vintage sheet FQ swap.

  4. Hubby is reading your post over my shoulder - he loves a car boot bargain! We think the top one, blue on white :-)


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