Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sunday Stash #5

So here we are again. It's Sunday and I'm sharing my thrifty finds (I promise I only have one left after this!)

This week it's pillow cases

There's not really much to say about these.

Like the new prop?
So just look at the pics

I love the blue/green one!
Oh wait....... I do have a little to say about this one.

When trying to explain to my mum what kind of fabric she should look out for I went on ebay and showed her a vintage sheet.

"Remember this mum? It's the one I had on my bed"

"Oh yes, your Grandma bought it. I think it's in the attic somewhere."

"Are you sure? I'm think you used it when the dog had puppies"

"Oh, Sorry."

There are two duvet covers that I remember from my childhood. This one and a blue geometric one (which I'm pretty sure was also used as dog bedding) I loved both of them, but this was my particular favourite. Imagine my delight when the very day after having this conversation with my mum I found this pillowcase at a boot sale for the princely sum of 20p! Mum has also told me that she's pretty sure that there was a valance to go with the duvet cover and that she'll have a look in the attic for me (I'm not holding my breath). I plan on collecting more vintage bedding and eventually making a quilt from it with this print taking centre stage. That quilt will be mine, mine, mine!

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  1. Great vintage sheets finds. Who doesn't love a good deal :) Nice stash additions.

  2. I'm not really a vintage girl but I can understand your excitement. Fingers crossed.

  3. I love using vintage sheets for the backs of my quilts and I've also made a few where the sheets were the front too. The pink floral is great and the blue/green is probably my favorite!

  4. Fabulous vintage sheet finds! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that there's treasures in the attic.

    I love vintage linens! I've made a couple of quilts using them and they are favourites. Happy collecting....

  5. More car boot bargains! You lucky thing, they're fab! Love the new prop too!

  6. I did collect vintage sheets for a spring quilt which I am yet to I understand your excitement too.


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